What is Sweets of Chicago?

Our mission is to inform individuals about the variety of options that they have for sweet treats within the Chicago Area. In order to accomplish this, reviews and links to Chicago based specialty shops will be provided below. Penthouse Sweets Chicago

Penthouse Sweets Chicago

"I go to penthouse sweets often! I love all of their cupcakes! Their cake designs are unique and beautifully executed and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Penthouse sweets for all of their desserts."

Magnolia Bakery

"They offer a wonderful assortment of cupcakes and pastries. I generally advise my friends to try the banana pudding and cheesecakes. I can't wait to vist you guys again during the holidays!"

Aya Pastry

"We ordered our wedding cake from Aya and it was delicious! We expected to bring some cake home after the reception, but nope, it was so good that there wasn't a crumb left."


Origin of Candy

The ancient Egyptians are credited with creating sweets by fusing honey with berries, nuts, and seeds. The first contemporary candies were created in the 16th century, and throughout the early 19th century, the manufacture of sweets grew quickly into a thriving business.